This page contains all transactions associated with this podcast. We wanted to be as transparent as possible so you guys know we’re not spending your money on frivolous holidays to France.

We will try to keep this up to date as possible. These transactions cover the period of time since the podcast started.

Matt’s Outgoings
Item Cost When Reason
Cards Against Humanity £20 February 2014 To play CAH online with Pete
Taken bite of Apple -£152.17 1st January 2013 Took some of the funds out of Flattr and PayPal.
Blue Microphones Icicle £35.32 December 2012 Used for simpler setup from microphone to USB.
TDTRS 40 Stickers 2 ( £3.06 July 2012 The price was £11.68 but from all you guys buying mugs I used the £8.62 in the account.
Zoom H1 £79.00 April 2012 For better audio quality on the Rathole Radio trip.
TDTRS 52 Stickers 1 ( £12.11 November 2011 First batch of stickers. Subsequently lost. Also lacked the site URL.
Draytek Vigor 120 Modem £50 2011 O2 ADSL modem/router was messing me around with my Linksys DD-WRT router. Will be used for setting up asterisk.
Behringer 802 Mixer £50.99 October 2011 Used for microphone input. Went for this model in case I needed to expand.
Behringer UCA202 Mixer to USB £25.69 October 2011 Used to get the output from the mixer in to the computer with minimal drop in audio quality.
Pete’s Outgoings
Item Cost When Reason
new mixer £24 Febuary 2014 Improve audio quality domain renewal (2 years) £8.38 2013-03-12 Â
taken money for domains and equipment £146.96 2013-03-11 Domains were up after 2 years and looking to improve computer for editing podcasts
SSD to improve computer for editing £89.99 Â Â Domain (2 years) £7.99 ? Â
Microphone stand £10.00 ? Â
Incoming donations
Donation Amount Notes
Hardware ~£250 Very nice donation from an anonymous listener. Included Behringer c1 microphone, Samson USB microphone, a microphone stand, pop filters, cradle.
Server Hosting ? Free hosting for now. So don’t complain it is Windows running IIS, MySQL and PHP.
Flattr £197.45 As of 2014-02-17 (after Flattr fees)
Cash £10 Donated at Oggcamp 12. Matt kept.
Zazzle £8.26 As of 2012-08-21. £8.26 Spent on stickers.
CafePress £6.20 As of 2012-08-24
PayPal £251.82 As of 2014-02-17 (after PayPal fees)