EP4 – Can I have your autograph?

In this rip-roaring release, we see the guys try to pretend they have a running order and failing miserably. Pete lets slip his true feelings for ZenCart and Matt brags about meeting someone famous.

We finally see the arrival of the much talked about room x1101 which nearly falls in on itself until the team heroically pull it back from the brink at the last minute, but are they really sure on what they decided?. Pete lowers the tone as per usual by threatening to turn his webcam on, and Matt reaches for a man-sized box of Kleenex while reading the feedback emails.

Finally, the team get bored with Linux and get all excited about Glastonbury 2011 instead.

Show Length: 01:17:53

America music: Star Spangled Banner by: The US Army
Licensed Under: Public Domain

Pre x1101 music: Ma Poupée by: David TMX
Licensed Under CC-BY

Interlude music: Overjoy Dub by: PistONE
Licensed under: art libre

EP3 – They like you more than me.

Fresh from the accolades heaped upon them from the Open Source community Pete and Matt pour forth new insights into what a working week really should consist of.

The team get all excited at the masses of feedback they had from the last episode, Matt tells us about the exciting new feature of Room x1101 where you the listener suggest items to be consigned to oblivion loosely based on the hit TV show “Room 101”. Pete goes all ‘conspiracy theory’ and suggests Oracle might have done some slight of hand with Open Office.

Linux Training – LPI Certified Traing & Exams
Free Creative Commons LPI Level 1 Linux Training Manual Released
LPI certification study group
Forum: http://forum.linuxbasix.com/viewforum.php?f=38
Vegard is still in Japan and we have not forgiven him so refuse to give him any credit in this episode, it’s cruel but we don’t care.

Show Length: 01:11:43

Interlude music Overjoy Dub by: PistONE
Licensed under: art libre

Test Recording

This is not a Show Release and so will not form part of the normal numbering sequence.

We recorded this to test out our communication and recording equipment; there was no agenda set just random conversation. We hope you enjoy this as a sort of taster for what is to come.

No animals or reputations were injured in the making of this release.

Show Length: 00:24:31

Interlude music Overjoy Dub by: PistONE
Licensed under: art libre




EP1 – Journey to RatholeRadio

This is a pretty raw recoding by Matthew Copperwaite (yamatt) and Peter Cannon (dickturpin) of our journey to Rathole Radio Live 2011 it was recorded in the car on a Nokia N810 some manipulation was made with Audacity and we hope it is of a quality that enables you to listen.

To Rathole Radio Live 2011

In this episode we hear how VZ is “Such a lad”, the thistleweb incident, and our thoughts on how Fab is our hero when it comes to sticking to his principles.

If you like this release enough there is a From RatholeRadio Live 2011 recording which will be release as soon as the vice squad have given it the all clear.