Guide for guest presenters

So you’ve been foolish enough to ask to be a guest presenter. Here are some things we would like you to do:


  • We normally record on a Sunday evening around 7pm GMT/BST. This is unlikely to change.
  • We record every 2 weeks. If you want to come on to promote something make sure you let us know at least 4 weeks in advance.
  • Recording lasts between 2-3 hours so make sure you can spare this time relatively uninterrupted.


  • Please have a good microphone to hand.
  • Please test the microphone can be recorded in Audacity.
  • Also test it can be recorded in Audacity at the same time as a Skype conversation.
  • If you can, have a second backup recording at your end. A digital dictaphone be perfect if not then have a look at the program Skype Call Recorder.
  • Please use some headphones to listen back to us and yourself. This will give you a good clue as to what you are going to sound like on the recording.


  • We have a Dropbox account which Pete will give you full access to.
  • Have a look at the Shows folder for the latest show notes, stick what you like on them if we have enough time we’ll discuss it if not we’ll just ignore it.


  • Skype bandwidth is very minimal but time critical. Poor quality audio dramatically effects the social atmosphere of the podcast.
  • If you can please use a wired network cable and stop any other network activity. The odd browser load won’t be noticed but if you’re streaming video in the next room or you have torrents running this will most likely cause problems.
  • To verify your audio is working use the ‘echo123’ service in Skype. It will verify other people can hear you and you can check if Audacity will work at the same time.


  • Please make sure Audacity is as up to date as possible. The later versions of Audacity have some really useful backup features incase it crashes.
  • It would be useful if you had some sort of familiarity with Audacity.
  • We don’t require you to edit it yourself but you will have to be able to start the recording and know that it is working. Also when you are done export to OGG or MP3. We can guide you through some of this during the call.
  • Please make sure you’re recording just yourself and not anyone else. We’ll sync everything during editing. If you are recording yourself on one channel and everyone else on another channel we can cope.