Show Features

So you want to know what the hell we're talking about. This handy little guide should give you some idea.

Archie (Woof woof)

Named after Pete's dog which in turn is named after Arch Linux. The general idea is to announce some Arch Linux news but Pete's so lazy there's rarely anything in it. (Why not send us something?)

Room X1101

Named after our loyal listener x1101 this feature is based upon the BBC TV programme Room 101 which itself is based upon Room 101 from the book 1984 (If you haven't read it you must). The idea is we pick a topic that we have thought up, or you have sent in, and we dissect it, mull it over, and decide whether it should be cast into the hell of Room x1101 or should be free to roam again. That's the idea anyway.

I hate your blog

Definitely the shows most controversial section, the concept is pretty simple really. you send in a blog or website (Hopefully yours or at least someone you know who can stand criticism) and the show hosts rip it to bits.


The feedback is Pete and Matt's favorite feature. Usually one of the longest parts of the show our heroes rip apart your e-mails, G+ messages and dents. Don't forget to start your e-mail with an insult and if you please these podcasting gods they may issue you with a virtual membership badge of honor.