About Us

The Dick Turpin Road Show is presented by two idiots who think they can do what others can’t or don’t. They claim the point of their show is to talk about GNU, Linux, Free-software and business, but the subject areas crash between the price of fish and what the weather is in Paraguay.

Inspired by the likes of Lug Radio, and started by a chance meeting in the Linux Outlaws community and contains a little bit of a nod towards the Ubuntu UK Podcast they are the latest in a long line of manic, bonkers, anarchic, usually off-topic and occasionally relevant UK based GNU/Linux themed audio/ogg/podcasts.

This podcast is definitely offensive (particularly towards Australians (because we all know they can take it) and is certified as being bad for your health by the WHO. However, if you are of strong mind and stomach, you will with no doubt enjoy this 1hour 30minute diarrhoea of audio.

Let’s meet our presenters. These facts ar most likely made up.

Professor Pete ‘dick_turpin’ Cannon.
Having worked his way up to a height of 5ft 8″, he was handed a Commodore VIC 64 one day, given that only last Tuesday colour TV’s had been invented this was a godsend seeing as the C64 boasted 16 colours.

On a cold day in 1999 after being shown Red Hat 6.0 (hedwig) he commented “That crap will never take off, it’s for Geeks!” but it was too late! Just like a vampires bite the infection was coursing through his veins and manifested in his first Linux install, RH 6.2 (zoot).

While currently being an avid Arch Linux user his first love is FOSS applications especially cross-platform, firmly believing this will encourage uptake of Open Source.

His personal mantra is, “There is *every* excuse for not knowing, but there is *no* excuse for not asking.”

Sir Matt ‘yaMatt’ Copperwaite.
Matt Copperwaite – At the tender age of 12 Matthew deciding to quit his high profile life-style of money and fame he discovered his true calling: the solitary life of geekdom. In the following years, he discovered the highlights of software development starting with VB6 and ASP. At 20 Matthew discovered the delights of GNU/Linux and took a solemn vow to convert from Windows and switch to Free software. As a strong believer and attempted practitioner of Freedom Matthew an experienced Python and web developer. Matthew is an experienced rabbit by which he means he winds up Pete by proving him wrong. A lot. Matt’s favourite motto is “Think different” Stolen from a 90s Apple marketing campaign and taking it to mean “don’t be conventional”.