EP76 - Okely dokely

Its all about events this episode. Pete tells us about his day at BarCamp Birmingham and the Starbucks girl who thought he making fun of her while Matt tells us about the combined GLLUG and Makerspace meeting he organised.Those crazy Belgians are using a DOS voting machine! Hack your registry and get XP updates for life! Flattr lodges a complaint with the marketing department of The Dick Turpin Road Show.

Matt's Cat
Matt tells us how he is force feeding chocolate biscuits to Karou even if it kills the damn thing! We also hear about the mystery of the sachet of food in the front room.
It began in South Africa

Main Topic
Jono Bacon resigns from Ubuntu and Robyn Bergeron resigns from Fedora but do we think Jono will be replaced and who the feck is Matthew Miller?

South London Makerspace
Matt tells us how they now have a new home.

Spriggs has sprung a sprog, yep Jon Spriggs (That is to say Mrs Spriggs) has another child. Some people will do anything to get more child benefit!
OggCamp 4th & 5th October
EMF Camp

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