EP74 - Who's next?

Is there no end to Pete's fame? Pete brags about PBS America and one of his tweets. So there's yet another patent troll according to EFF and one that is targeting podcasts! The team are not worried as the troll only seem to be targeting shows with money and since Matt started dissing PayPal the kitty has bugger all in it now. Next up we have a story by that famous news outlet PandoDaily. Yeah we scratched our heads too for a bit. Apparently Indiegogo will no longer protect you from fraud but then a fool and his money is easily parted anyway. Mozilla appoints a Beard as the new CEO. He may not have a beard but having the name Beard is good enough for most geeks. Lets hope this one is squeaky clean? So has anyone heard of this Heartbleed thingy then? Pete and Matt reluctantly spare a few minutes to mull over the subject that everyone else has done to death by talking about some of the submits and fixes.

Matt's Cat
Matt tells us all about his mums carpet ruining cat.

It began in South Africa
The good The bad The ugly 14.04LTS according to OMG Ubuntu

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The forum is down! Matt has no idea when he will fix it, in fact he's not sure he wants to. :-(

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