EP73 - Have you shaken your Caracas?

This is a big show and we've a lot to get through, oh and this episode doesn't end when you think it does. First up lets have a quick chat about the Brendan Eich/Gay marriage storm which did the rounds for about a week. Mozilla announce a pretty cool tool that will allow your apps to run on Android although Matt's not convinced of Pete's "It's wine for Android in't it?" The problem with Microsoft is you can't get at the code! Amazingly MS has released the original code for  MS-DOS v1.1 and Word 1.1a to The Computer History Museum. Admittedly you can't do much with it other than look at it but hey, it'll be cool to see where the PC took off. Yet another round up of 'Where Canonical went wrong' Pete and Matt both agree everything in the article they've said on the show over the last few years. This may look like a small thing but the impact is huge! Finally the UK government does something right and modernises copyright to allow fair usage. "I remember you?" returning to the fold is the Windows Menu. Some of you may remember MS re-instated the start button on their much vaunted Windows 8? Well now the actual menu is set to return. Matt tells us all about Net Neutrality and how the EU is going to level the playing fields. Linus Torvalds tells Kay Sievers he's not allowed to play with the big boys anymore until he cleans his coding skills. Potentially this could have a major impact on Systemd.

Matt's Cat
Karou refuses to crap in the toilet but is more than happy to poop on the floor.

It began in South Africa
In an attempt to save 27p Canonical announces they are shutting down U1 and their Cloud Music Store. Pete asks "Do these idiots know they have a phone?"

South London Makerspace
In this new section of the show Matt tells us all about his new venture. Actually he tells us twice, at the begging of the show and in this section mainly because he cannot read and didn't even know this bit was here.

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The forum is down! Matt has no idea when he will fix it, in fact he's not sure he wants to. :-(

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