You can put it in my hand

In an effort to worry other pocasts the dynamic duo shrug of threats of abuse about their hair and release episode 5.

Always one to take the controversial path Pete announces that the team will cease to use Linux and follow the one true faith that is Eddie Stobart. The ongoing bickering between Tinap and tdtrs continues as we hear all about secretary’s and rival features.

Matt finally manages to get a word in edgeways and talks about the fascinating subject of HDMI cables but of course gobby Pete cant resist doing an impression inside a well known UK computer store.

Room x1101 finally has a proper sound effect although the team struggle to find items to discuss as the fan base are too bone idle to send suggestions in. Pete lets slip the handbag fight he had on with a certain Community Manager during the feedback emails and, distressingly, breaks down and cries like girl.


freezombie (Lord Jollybox)
Dave (justadude)

Show Length: 01:15:18

America music: Star Spangled Banner by: The US Army
Licensed Under: Public Domain

Pre x1101 music: Ma Poupée by: David TMX
Licensed Under CC-BY

Interlude music: Overjoy Dub by: PistONE
Licensed under: art libre