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EP94 - I'll sleep with you only in a Yurt.

Yes, we're back! Have we ever been away? According to Matt, who finally accepts full responsibility for the show being off air, it has been fourteen months since the last release. The management of #tdtrs would like to apologise to the community given there's nothing else out there worth listening to. :-)

So as you'd expect we kick off with what we've both been doing, how Pete is now able to take up one seat on an airplane rather than the three he used to need. Matt tells us how his social life has "Really taken off" since he's stopped rushing home to record.

You thought OggCamp was no more? Well apparently not. A secret team has been working away in some darkened shed, possibly in Surrey? And the rumours are that 2017 could see the return of the much loved Linux Community event. We discuss potential locations, Pete insults the Scots, Matt prays to the rain gods that camping is on the cards while the world celebrates that Pete might not attend. Gasp!

Never mind "Year of the Linux desktop" Matt definitely thinks it's the year of the Linux gaming support. We talk about Steam and the games we've purchased from there. Matt's favourite Humble Bundle while Pete moans that 0.a.d. is still Alpha.

Matt is going to FOSDEM so bring some extra money because he'll expect everyone to buy him a drink.

This episode, as you'd expect, hasn't the best audio quality. After spending time setting everything up, checking sound quality, at the end of the recording session Pete discovered he'd not plugged in the USB from his mixer! #facepalm luckily his webcam had picked up his voice but more importantly a second tier of redundancy was built in with the implementation of Skype Call Recorder so Pete's voice is from the Skype call while the richer sound of Matt is from his local recording.

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EP93 - Touch my scar!

Five months? FIVE MONTHS? has it really been five months? Oh well, the show is back with a vengeance as Pete and Matt, who's clearly had one port too many, talk about why they've been away, what they have been doing and generally spend most of the show winging it.

OggCamp is nearly upon us so the discussion turns to what it's about, what you can expect and other similar events you could attend.

We actually have some feedback, true it's a few months out of date but hey, beggars can't be choosers.

Matt tells us about and event he's planning with GLLUG but he has no idea where or when. To make it even more interesting the GLLUG site is broken. LOL

Clearly being away proves too much as the show winds down to both Matt and Pete losing the plot (As per usual).

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EP92 - Our Laser cutter's better than yours!

So the project Cyanogen that started off as a community collaboration and then went all corporate has teamed up with Microsoft.

Ubuntu 15.04 released. Literally no one noticed. Matt Snuck a peak in to Canonicals windows in London and no one there, again! Debian 8 Release. Comparison to 15.04?

Matt's Cat
Karou brings the ungrateful Matt a selection of gifts.

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This is not "Goodbye" just "Au Revoir" #hugsboomerang

EP91 -A picture of my bleeding nutsack.

We really should have opened with a barbers quartet as the show you thought was based on Linux turns into a shaven discourse.

First up Pete gives a shout out to Peter Robinson for fixing his webcam and warns him not to visit the 14th century!

Microsoft Open Sources .NET but the License looks either a bit dodgy or not worth the paper it's printed on?

So it's not very Linuxy but Pete is really taken with Detroit Soup a movement that awards Micro grants to creative projects. People gather and pay a minimum $5.00 entrance fee (You can pay more if you like.) hopefuls give a presentation as to why they should get the micro grant and you get some food while listening. At the end you all vote on who should get the money in the bucket. Simple.

Mozilla pulls encryption feature after just a WEEK

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