Cant get it back in.

It’s another big show this episode but the we blame for that given the downtime they had while we recorded which was a hot topic for discussion.

The team talks about the proposed sale of Yahoo and the unbelievable fact that people use alternatives to what most of us use until Pete gets bored. The royal “we” is used while talking about the Arch Linux announcement of a new iso.

After much pleading and money changing hands Room x1101 makes a comeback and we finally see Matt in his true colours as he swears like that bloke down shopping centre armed with a bottle of Diamond White.

While knocking back some Ginger Beer we are reminded that the 19th of September is “Talk like a pirate day”.

For the main feature the team revisit the discussion they had in their very first podcast episode “Should we be paying for our Linux?” and possibly using Flattr and the FSF for that?

In the closing section the team talk about Tinap and our mate AndyC’s hospitalisation “Get well Andy.”

Show Length: 01:56:16

Interlude music: Overjoy Dub by: PistONE
Licensed under: art libre

Pre x1101 music: Ma Poupée by: David TMX
Licensed Under: CC-BY

Room x1101 intro: The Sting by: Scott Joplin
Licensed Under: Public Domain