EP86 – Merry Linux Christmas

Just what has Pete got in his sack? And how many times can Matt squeeze “Linux!” into this episode? Rather than giving you a load of outtakes the team has decided to do a semi-normal show but with some surprises thrown in. First up are you ready for Christmas? We hear about how Matt hardly has room for a piece of A4 paper in his multi-million pound flat “Nothing big for pity’s sake!”

So the only opening story for discussion is Revisiting open source social networking alternatives which Matt seems to think Pete will be interested in? He’s a G+ fanboy you young impressionable fool

Main Topic
Perfect Distro: Pete and Matt tell us about their Fedora 21 upgrade experiences.

It began in South Africa
We kick off with Swapnil Bhartiya’s article Unity 8 coming in 15.04 and how it will give you a desktop-like experience on the desktop. Next up is Mark Shuttleworth’s blog post talking about Core, Snappy and Transactions

South London Makerspace
The wall has finally been built, and Matt claims all the glory for the new shutter door controlled by an RF card and running on an Arduino come Raspberry Pi.

It’s Christmas, and we want a break! See you in the New Year

Freedom hating MP3 135.05MB
Freedom loving OGG 79.05MB

Show length: 01:58:00

It began in South Africa
Spoken by: Andre Hugo

Start & Ending Music: Thai Dance Music by: Thai
Licensed Under: CC Attribution

Bumper music:
01 Sound System: I have heard an angel
02 Sound System: Merry Christmas
(Taken from Jamendo which was broken at the time of writing)

Ending Song
Kara Square: “Hibernate ‘Til New Year’s Day”

Post-Production: Keith Milner

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