EP81 – I have not been to Oxford town.

So this is just Matt and Pete chatting, to be honest (No change there then?) we wanted to put something out for you to listen to while travelling to Oxford. Matt kicks off by telling us about his visit to BarCamp London and the quaint way they use bits of paper to offer talks. No CampFireManager there then? What’s happening then? We look at the OggCamp schedule and decide that the only individual we know is the only person on the planet louder than Pete, Stuart Langridge.

Matt’s cat

Main Topic

It began in South Africa

South London Makerspace


Freedom hating MP3 60.014MB
Freedom loving OGG 36.04MB

Show length: 00:56:27

Bumper music:
01 CCmixter.org by: Nitropox@CCmixter http://dig.ccmixter.org/files/Mixro/16474
Licensed Under: CC Attribution

Start & Ending Music: Thai Dance Music by: Thai
Licensed Under: CC Attribution

Post-Production: Keith Milner

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