EP80 – Doing it in a field.

Microsoft considers changing the name of IE in the hope of being a kind of ‘born again’ browser. “Update Tuesday killed my machine.” Microsoft released a Windows 8 update that blue screens hundreds of machines. “Bye bye Stevie Bye bye” Steve Balmer finally bows out. Are you being scammed on Microsoft’s app store? Pete doesn’t seem to think so.

Is Munich about to move back to Microsoft? But with the announcement that Microsoft is to open an office in Munich Pete wonders if he smells a rat. In the same vein, we hear about how Microsoft is lobbying the Chilean government to not use open source. Clearly, there has been very little Linux news as the systemd argument erupts again. Oh, and by the way, Linux has turned 23.

Matt’s cat

Main Topic
Matt tells us all about his weekend at EMF Camp

It began in South Africa
India has opened up to Ubuntu, yet we’ve heard nothing from Canonical? Linus Torvalds says he wants the desktop and says when he did ARM merges he wanted to shoot himself

South London Makerspace


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