EP75 – The moral dimension.

Matt’s Cat
If you’re squeamish, I will look away now if I was you! Karou has started to bring little gifts home to brighten up the family home.

It began in South Africa
Hands up who remembers the much vaunted Ubuntu on Android? Well, it’s another project that’s fallen to the cost cutting going on at Canonical Towers. Fancy an Orange? Yep, the boys talk about the new Ubuntu Orange box but are it Ubuntu’s? After clawing over the specifications Pete and Matt are not impressed with the costs or for that matter the supposed usage.

Main Topic

South London Makerespace
Matt tells us how on the plus side membership is growing really fast, but the downside is they have to find a new home fast!

The Skills Matter eXchange

The forum is down! Matt has no idea when he will fix it, in fact, he’s not sure he wants to. 🙁

Freedom hating MP3 45.09MB
Freedom loving OGG 52.06MB

Show length: 01:12:59

Bumper music: by kind permission of Dan Lynch and 20lb Sounds
Start & Ending Music: Thai Dance Music by: Thai
Licensed Under: CC Attribution

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