EP4 – Can I have your autograph?

In this rip-roaring release, we see the guys try to pretend they have a running order and failing miserably. Pete lets slip his true feelings for ZenCart and Matt brags about meeting someone famous.

We finally see the arrival of the much talked about room x1101 which nearly falls in on itself until the team heroically pull it back from the brink at the last minute, but are they really sure on what they decided?. Pete lowers the tone as per usual by threatening to turn his webcam on, and Matt reaches for a man-sized box of Kleenex while reading the feedback emails.

Finally, the team get bored with Linux and get all excited about Glastonbury 2011 instead.

Show Length: 01:17:53

America music: Star Spangled Banner by: The US Army
Licensed Under: Public Domain

Pre x1101 music: Ma Poupée by: David TMX
Licensed Under CC-BY

Interlude music: Overjoy Dub by: PistONE
Licensed under: art libre

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