Blame the junior.

Sadly Matt was not drinking this episode and so a lot of people managed to get off very lightly. As per usual there is lots of waffle prior to the show starting but seeing as I can't remember what we talked about you'll just have to listen. First up Matt tells us about how Gimp has removed its Windows executable from sourceforge due to the enforced third-party add-ons. "Let's get it accredited" TrueCrypt are now in a position to go through a security audit thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign. So yet another indiegogo campaign hits the web as former writers for Linux Format look to set up a new magazine Linux Voice. Pete and Matt start off this item fairly positive but by the end seem to be unsure if anybody actually reads magazines any more given the wealth of information now available via the Internet.

Archie Woof, woof

It began in South Africa
Canonical made a bit of a mistake the other day by hitting Fix Ubuntu with a trademark violation notification e-mail. Clearly what Canonical really wanted was a cease and desist notification but you can't really ask people to stop saying horrible things about you. Interestingly Fix Ubuntu is more about helping users make the distribution more usable and doesn't say "Don't install this go and install Fedora instead!" So in fact the site is actually helping Ubuntu which makes this all the more strange. Mark Shuttleworth's blog issued a very weak apology and a lame excuse blaming a junior member of staff which Pete gets upset about. And while on the subject of trademarks Pete gave Matt what in his view was a clear example of Microsoft potentially violating Canonical's trademark by using what appears to be an almost identical copy of the Ubuntu logo.

I hate your Blog

Main Topic
So Tig (or as we like to call him "Tig the bastard") sent in this item about the levels of people submitting code to the kernel for the main topic. This is the item that some of you on G+ may have seen Pete post a picture of him highlighting paragraphs on a printout ready for the show which caused such a stir for the presenter of TSTCBN :-D

Pete was all excited about this item given that on the face of it it seemed to be about encouraging more women to contribute however as Matt pointed out it was in fact one of Pete's pet hates, positive vetting.


The forum is down! Matt has no idea when he will fix it, in fact he's not sure he wants to. :-(

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