Twats before OggCamp

So the show seems to have started worrying about being 'correct' for some strange reason, "It's never bothered you two before?" we start off with a raft of corrections and an apology no less.

Matt tells us about a support group for developers that promotes itself as 'touchy feely' unless you're a programmer? Pete has a good laugh at the fact poor old Microsoft users are having to get used to incremental updates instead of 'update Tuesday'. Marie, Matt's long suffering partner sends in the next item, a study by the LSE (London School of Economics) demonstrating substantive evidence in the decline of copyright infringement where Creative Commons is involved.

The new BBC service 'Playlister' mentioned by Pete.

Matt rounds off the warming up section by telling us that W3C has given the green light to DRM. Pete is less than pleased.

Archie Woof, woof

It began in South Africa
Yet another broken promise? It's becoming impossible to keep items out of this section of the show as Ubuntu announces xmir will now not be included in 13.10

I hate your Blog

Main Topic
Are you excited about OggCamp? you should be! We chat about what OggCamp is and why you'd be a fool if you didn't go.


OggCamp at Liverpool
19th & 20th October
Venue: LJMU Art & Design Academy,
Duckinfield Street, Liverpool, L3 5RB

The forum is down! Matt has no idea when he will fix it, in fact he's not sure he wants to. :-(

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