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EP92 - Our Laser cutter's better than yours!

So the project Cyanogen that started off as a community collaboration and then went all corporate has teamed up with Microsoft.

Ubuntu 15.04 released. Literally no one noticed. Matt Snuck a peak in to Canonicals windows in London and no one there, again! Debian 8 Release. Comparison to 15.04?

Matt's Cat
Karou brings the ungrateful Matt a selection of gifts.

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This is not "Goodbye" just "Au Revoir" #hugsboomerang

EP91 -A picture of my bleeding nutsack.

We really should have opened with a barbers quartet as the show you thought was based on Linux turns into a shaven discourse.

First up Pete gives a shout out to Peter Robinson for fixing his webcam and warns him not to visit the 14th century!

Microsoft Open Sources .NET but the License looks either a bit dodgy or not worth the paper it's printed on?

So it's not very Linuxy but Pete is really taken with Detroit Soup a movement that awards Micro grants to creative projects. People gather and pay a minimum $5.00 entrance fee (You can pay more if you like.) hopefuls give a presentation as to why they should get the micro grant and you get some food while listening. At the end you all vote on who should get the money in the bucket. Simple.

Mozilla pulls encryption feature after just a WEEK

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EP90 The night of the terrible puns.

Google joins the ranks of ♫ ♪ "I did it, myyyyy wayyyyy" ♬ ♩ and announces its own X11 replacement codenamed Freon, along with Canonical-nee-Ubuntu's Mir and everyone else's Wayland and or Xorg.

You thought they were dead? You thought you'd heard the last of them, but yes, SCO are back and set to ruffle IBM's feathers all over again with their reactivated $5 Billion lawsuit.

If you can't beat them lock them out! Microsoft appear to be on course to implement their plan to stop anyone putting what they want on a PC or Laptop with Secure Boot scheduled to be implemented on Windows 10.

♫ ♪ "Happy birthday to you..........." ♬ ♩ The GNU Manifesto turns 30! If you didn't know that, don't worry, clearly most of the Internet is unaware too.

"All crimes begin with a thought. So, if you control thought, you can control crime." -- Crimethink George Orwell 1984
When does an online fantasy cross the line into criminal conspiracy? That’s the issue the Second Circuit Court of Appeals is currently weighing in United States v. Gilberto Vallethe so-called “cannibal cop” case.

OpenSSL patched a “high” severity flaw as part of a patch batch on Thursday that turned out to be nowhere near as scary as widely feared.

South London Makerspace
We re-visit the news that the GLA (Greater London Authority) has granted the Makerspace £20,000

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EP89 - An evening of going of on a tangent.

So before we get started sadly this episode effectively died after about twenty minutes, having said that we have managed to put an episode together with the help of some corn plasters, super glue and a box of staples.

The only news story you'll hear the team discuss is the BBC dropping WMA due to licensing costs and switching to more open MPEG-DASH.

We then went on to discuss Lenovo making your newly purchased equipment vunerable with 'superfish' the discussion moved on to the NoSQL injection vulnerability of 40,000 MongoDB databases. Linus announces Linux 4.0 this was a really good discussion, honestly. :-)

We save the best till last. The headline was that Mark Shuttleworth admitted Untiy was a mistake but after some discussion we admit that's not really what he was saying.

South London Makerspace
Now this is possibly the biggest shame of the whole show, if only you could have heard Pete tearing Matt a new arsehole during this section for saying that he had no right to claim any kudos seeing as he hadn't attended much lately. Anyway the great news is the GLA (Greater London Authority) has granted the Makerspace £20,000.00!

Scott Evans (AKA VK7HSE) had a successful interview and is now tdtrs community manager and setting up a discussion site, coz we hate Forums.

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